Robin Debreceni

Robin Debreceni
Robin Debreceni was initially drawn to Sanskrit for its elegant calligraphy.  As an artist fascinated by handwriting and calligraphy of all kinds, she wanted to learn how to form these characters to incorporate them into her art work.  After taking her first Intro class with Erik Marrero in 2014 she discovered there was much more to this language than its visual aesthetic. Exploring Sanskrit has enriched and informed her personal yoga and meditation practice. She continues to study Sanskrit and the Yoga Sutras through various workshops and weekly classes.  She is currently in the apprentice program with Zoe Mai at Trishula Yoga where she teaches a weekly Ashtanga class and helps tutor other Sanskrit students when needed.  Robin is happy to now be available to teach the Weekend Introductory Level 1 Sanskrit classes.

Upcoming Classes

Dates Location Class Type Instructor
July 14-16 Tacoma, WA Sanskrit Level I Claudette Evans Details
July 22-23 Newark, DE Sanskrit Level I Ellen Cull Details
August 19-20 Collingswood, NJ Sanskrit Level I Robin Debreceni Details
October 6-8 Kennett Square, PA Sanskrit Level I Zoe Mai Details
October 21-22 Wenonah, NJ Sanskrit Level I Robin Debreceni Details
November 3-5 Collingswood, NJ Sanskrit Level I Erik Marrero Details
Ongoing Collingswood, NJ Sanyama Meditation Zoe Mai Details
Ongoing Collingswood, NJ Private Sanskrit Study Zoe Mai Details
Ongoing Collingswood, NJ Weekly Sanskrit Class Zoe Mai Details
Ongoing Online Study Group Rick Roberts Details