Class Testimonials

“Thank you so very much for the wonderful weekend of Sanskrit Training – it has literally changed how I live my life, both professionally and as a parent. Not only is it a great pleasure to be learning such a melodious and ancient language and start the baby steps of learning great works, but the weekend with you has taught me how to focus in all other areas of my life – to be here in the present and to make the choice to stay here.”     
~ Fiona L’Estrange

"I did not want to let this day pass without writing to very imperfectly express my most profound gratitude for one of the most extraordinary experiences I have ever had--on many levels. To be opened to the infinite capacity of the human mind liberated from false limitations, to come to believe that I might, with focus, determination, and persistence, experience the beauty, elegance, and Truth in and of a world beyond my current conception is a gift beyond measure. And to witness thirty or more people generally not highly motivated before the class to learn the language learn elementary Sanskrit and delight in it."
~ Jann Einfeld

“A transformational experience far surpassing affirmations and visualization as transformational tools... a true experience of yoga as transformation and liberation through vibrating with the inherent meanings of yogic teachings to a level of experiential realization that surpasses mere intellectural inquiry and understanding.”
~ Amba

“I have had trouble hearing and pronouncing words all my life...I can now hear and pronounce all the distinctions in the Sanskrit alphabet.  My whole relationship with language has changed.”
~ Tomas Nani

“The way this program was taught created a depth to what yoga is really about that I never felt before.  It was not so much about learning a language as feeling the yoga of being.  Hearing and feeling the first Yoga Sutras opened up a whole universe for me.”
~ Amalae

“The Sanskrit program was one of the most intense, profound and wonderful learning experiences I have ever had.”
~ Katina Terezakis

“The immersion in the language...brought me a deeper appreciation of how thoroughly the Sanskrit language embodies the fullness and richness of life...The sounds still echo in my being and sharpen my appreciation of living.”
~ Terry Anne Preston

“By practicing the tongue-twisting, and for westerners, uncommon tongue positions of Sanskrit, I have been able to work through and release tensions and blocks in the mouth/jaw area which for 20 years prevented me from achieving full clarity and articulation, both in speech and in playing the soprano saxophone.”
~ Anders Paulsson, Concert Musician

“I participated more in this class than any other, maybe ever!  You made a language none of us would have ever dreamed of using so clear that I feel I must go on and learn Sanskrit for many reasons!”
~ Jon Wilson

“Learning this way was fun — more fun than I can remember from any other learning experience. “
~ Rito 

“An inspirational, devoted yogic presentation at the highest level...”
~ Etta Portin Shern

“This course brought the integration of all my previous spiritual learnings: the teachings from other programs fell into place, like a new strand of color in an endless weaving.”
~ Fred Chapman

“Your introductory workshop really and truly is amazing. I remember feeling, especially by the evening of the first day, that there’s simply no way we’re going to get all this. I knew that for a surety, you see, because in my life I’ve studied six languages, used three of them extensively, and taught English as a second language. So there we were, on Sunday night, chanting declensions, singing the alphabet, and stringing words together!  But the most valuable thing about your not that you open the door to studying and working with Sanskrit, though that is remarkable enough. You yourself are a study in supreme patience and gentle guidance; the love, respect, and infinite patience with which you address and interact with each of your students was a living example to me of teaching that works.”
~ Arlee McLeod

“The weekend was for me the most intensive self reflection I’ve experienced in years and I feel I learned more about myself in three days than I had in months of counselling.  I faced many fears (fear of failure, of not being perfect, of looking silly), and adopted a true belief based on experience of the necessity of a one-pointed approach."
~ Anonymous

I know I can practice naturopathy but I never felt I could do the work it takes to complete my education.  Now I’m certain by applying your method I can learn whatever I set my mind and heart and spirit to!  I feel empowered and excited.”
~ Stacy Hartog

“I have never felt such a clear understanding of the yogic approach to life as through the learning of the Sanskrit and the sacred sounds that have opened my heart ever wider.  I am deeply grateful.”
~ Jean E. Taylor

“It was a phenomenal experience.  I could feel my body vibrating — even different chakras pulsing.  When I closed my eyes, bands of color danced before my eyes.  A slow rhythmical dance, each color dancing separately, yet in harmony with the rest.”
~ Joy Doherty
“This is my first study of a foreign language.  The idea of undertaking it was somewhat intimidating.  The thoroughness of your program relieved that obstacle so that I could focus on the language itself without the distraction of doubts that often attend a challenging study.”
~ Tim Hutton

“Even in this brief introductory course, the harmony and organization of Sanskrit sounds and sound changes, especially when married to the noble subject matter of the text, brought the experience of peace into my body and put the bad memories of a university Sanskrit course to the torch.”
~ John Jackson

“. . . many new paths are available for me.  The course is truly a life changing event if one so chooses.”
~ Cindy Kroll

“The Sanskrit Training workshop...was by far the most enjoyable and effective learning experience of my life...You made Sanskrit an art, and then perfected the art...Monday morning, following the class, I sat down to read the Gita, and was both thrilled and amazed at my new ability to read the Devanagari.  I read sloka after sloka with surprisingly little difficulty...The following day I visted my buddy Rohini Kumara Svami.  He was shocked that I could read passages from books as well as the sentences he wrote.  He said ‘you learned to read Sanskrit even faster than I did!  In India they take three years to teach kids what you learned in two days. Did everyone learn to read it?’  ‘Yeah, Rohini.  Everyone.’”
~ Randy Leighton

“It’s now 3:00 in the morning and I don’t know where this energy is coming from...but I like it!...I feel that Sanskrit, just by the mere virtue of doing, saying, and singing it all weekend, has produced this incredible lightness of being!  Thank you.”
~ Karen Nylander

“I don’t think I’ve ever absorbed so much so quickly.”
~ Rochelle Relyea

“Thank you for your deep generosity and determination and vision and energy for bringing this language into the 21st century, for I have a feeling that the root and trunk and maybe some branches and even flowers will be growing by then.”
~ Karen Nylander

“Our entire class of about 20 people, from varied walks of life and various educational levels, was able in two days, to learn how to speak and read a very complex language.  We accomplished in two days what could have conceivably taken several months to do in the typical class environment...I decided to use those same techniques, with some slight modification, with my junior high school English students.  In the less than two months time that this program has been used in my classes, I have seen more positive change in the students’ attentiveness and achievement in English, than in all the other programs that I have used in the last 17 years put together.”
~ Sid D. Napper