The Seeds of Yoga; Mantra and Meditation

Every great spiritual tradition has understood the power of sound to link matter and energy, body and spirit, and in yogic and tantric systems of India this art has reached its apex. Ancient yogis developed highly effective methods of using sound to experience the 7 chakras and to balance the body’s subtle energies.

This workshop will serve as an introduction to yoga philosophy and the sounds that define and describe ancient yoga traditions. We will engage the sounds of Sanskrit, in the 5 unique mouth positions, as we chant from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita and explore the deeper meanings found in these Sanskrit texts. We will also use Sanskrit sounds as a meditation as we chant all the Bija mantras in the order as they are organized in chakras or subtle energy centers of the body. The chakras connect the movement of Prana or subtle life force to the gross physical body through central and peripheral nervous systems.

Sanskrit, the language of the human spirit, seems to be the perfect instrument for bringing about healing on many levels.  Physically, its resonating power promotes healing.  Mentally it awakens the natural brightness, agility and order of the mind. Spiritually, it facilitates an expansion of awareness, tranquility and bliss.

The purpose this course is to provide introduction to essential yoga philosophy as it is found in the Sanskrit language. It is meant to offer both beginning and seasoned yoga practitioners an opportunity to experience the power of Sanskrit sounds as a way to understand the nuance of subtle anatomy and as an instrument for the healing of body mind and spirit.

Finally "Patanjali's Great Meditation on The Elements & Senses" will be the culmination of the training— The human body is the masterpiece of evolution and was long ago recognized by sages as a sufficient instrument for self-realization. According to Patanjali, the application of yoga's ultimate tool sanyama (deeply experiencing the body's five elements, from their external qualities to their atomic structure) results in kaya-sampat (perfecting the body as a vehicle for the journey of consciousness). When a similar practice is applied to the senses — the mind becomes freed.

Like a flowing series of asanas, this meditation fills in all the gaps and defines a natural progression of consciousness from matter to energy, congestion to clarity. It greatly strengthens the steadiness, ease and stillness of the meditative posture, while the body is discovered as the perfect lab where all can be seen and known. The practice is a comprehensive application of all the essentials of the Yoga Sutra cosmology.

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March 22-24
Washington, DC
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The Seeds of Yoga; Mantra and Meditation
Zoe Mai