Sanskrit Level II, Nipomo, CA

Continue your exploration of Sanskrit and it’s healing power of sound and vibration in this Level II course.
Over a weekend, during this 14-hour American Sanskrit Institute course offering, you will enhance your understanding of the mouth positions and use of the palate in the formation of sound through chanting and continued study. The first day will be devoted to reviewing Level I and refining your understanding of the alphabet and vowel/consonant combinations. Day 2 will cover consonant combinations with an emphasis on reading and writing the Devanagari script.  You will also be introduced to the Panini Sutras which describe the ‘rules’ of Sanskrit grammar.

Pre-requisite for this course is American Sanskrit Institute Level I.

Location:  Nipomo, CA

For more information or to register contact Kamala Knowlton

November 3-4
Nipomo, CA
Class Type: 
Sanskrit Level II
Kamala Knowlton